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Are families leaving Murray City School District?

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Something unique about Murray City is that it has a small school district. It’s made up of seven elementary schools, which feed into two junior highs, which then feed into one high school. This small school system creates a strong sense of familiarity and community in our city.

Murray City is known for having its alumni return to raise their children here. My dad graduated from Murray High in 1974 and then returned to raise his family here. I graduated from Murray High in 2002, and then I returned to raise my family here too. I looked forward to all of my six children someday being Murray Spartans. I know first hand the feeling of community in Murray. I have SO MANY fun and sweet memories from my years in Murray schools! I love this city, our schools, and so many of the people here.

Over the past few weeks I’ve posted concerns from two different Murray families over two different issues. Though their concerns are different, there’s a common theme between them. What is it? Both of these good Murray families are leaving Murray’s public school system this year.

Off the top of my head I can think of at least five different families who have left Murray School District over the past two years and many more who are on the verge of leaving. It’s not due to Covid, as the school district claims. It’s due to political and social agendas that have flooded our schools since 2020.

The loss of our amazing families who give their love, energy, time, and resources to our children, our teachers, our schools, our community - THIS will be the downfall of Murray’s public school system and amazing community. Murray’s families are the heartbeat of Murray’s community.

When I first voiced my concerns in January 2021 about the transgender storybooks and assignments in my son’s 3rd grade classroom, our assistant principal said about my family (in an email I later received through a $3,000 Grama request): “If they do not like [our equity curriculum] they are welcome to leave Horizon. We do not shift equity practices.”

And you know what? We did leave Horizon Elementary School. I was absolutely heartbroken to remove my children from the schools I grew up in and loved. I shed so many tears making this decision for our family! But ultimately, we left Murray’s public schools because of how we were treated for speaking up about our legitimate concerns. And more and more good parents, teachers, students, and families are leaving Murray schools too. This is a REAL issue.

I want this to change. I DO value parents and families, and as a school board member I WILL listen to them. I do value and will listen to the overburdened teachers who feel like they can’t speak out about the agendas, lessons, and topics they do not want and should not have to cover. (Yes - there are many teachers who feel this way.) I will put children first and fight to keep identity politics, pornography, and sexual and gender theories out of the schools. I will do everything I can to listen to our Murray parents because I KNOW that parents love their children and truly have their best interests at heart. I know it is our parents and families who make our community strong, and I value them and their input.

If you want a school board member who truly knows and values Murray’s families and community, then please vote April in November.

(Pics are from Murray Spartan football games in my own high school years. The people in those pictures are in no way affiliated with my school board campaign. But they are just some of the amazing Murray community that I loved growing up with!)

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