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Compelled speech in Murray City School District.

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the experience of a Murray High School (Utah) student who was discriminated against for refusing to use preferred pronouns. I removed that post at the request of the family due to personal concerns.

While I realize there are screenshots of the original post still being shared by some, the family has sent me this updated version, which I’m sharing in place of the original.

This issue is not unique to Murray, as you will see in screenshots I have provided from news sources. This is an issue of compelled speech, which is a violation of the US Constitution’s First Amendment, and judges have already set precedent on this matter. (I will provide links in the comments.)

Our students deserve teachers and administrators who will respect and stand for ALL of them and their Constitutionally protected freedoms. We each have the right to believe as we choose, but we do not have the right to restrict the Constitutionally protected freedoms of others. I cannot force others to speak according to my beliefs, and I should not be forced to speak according to others’ beliefs.

In conclusion, I think the introduction provided by the student himself is more meaningful than anything I could say. I encourage all to read through this. (If you don’t want to read everything and would like to skip to the meat of the issue — please read the green highlighted portions.) I’m grateful for this student’s courage in standing for his beliefs and his God-given freedoms protected by our US Constitution. This is something we ALL need to do if we hope to preserve our freedoms in this country.

April Wilde Despain

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