I’m honored to have received this endorsement from the Eliaba family.

I’m grateful for this endorsement from the Eliabas, a family in Murray District with direct and personal experience on many of the identity-related issues in Murray schools today.

Please read their statement in entirety below:

"We are a blended, mixed-race family, with various religious beliefs, and we have 2 children that identify as LGBT. We appreciate and agree with April's platform that public schools should remain politically neutral & academically focused.

“Our schools & teachers need to respect parents’ rights to teach their children about sensitive topics like sexuality and identity in the home. A few years ago, our 8-year-old's teacher read a book about transgenderism at Horizon Elementary. We don't feel that was appropriate, even though one of our other children specifically identifies as trans.

“We have had many important discussions about diversity, tolerance, and inclusion at home with our family, in the context of our personal and religious beliefs. We don’t believe that public schools are the right place for those topics, and we respect other parents’ rights to teach those things at home to their children, the way they see fit. We are striving to strike a balance in teaching our children to love who they are, and to love others for who they are, without forcing their beliefs on anybody else. We appreciate that April is striving to do the same.

“Heather has been a teacher for 15 years (in both diverse Title I public schools, and private school settings), and she can attest that it is possible to teach students about kindness, love, respect, diversity, and inclusion without promoting or deep-diving into a specific identity, orientation, religion, or other personal belief at school.

“Our experience with Murray Equity Alliance proved to us that they only want to be inclusive of those who agree with their agenda and don’t ask questions.

“We feel like April understands and values our diverse family perspectives and represents our concerns in the public schools."

-Daniel and Heather Eliaba, parents of 5 children in Murray

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