Identity activism at MHS.

A student took photos of these activist posters in one of the classrooms at Murray High School a few weeks ago. The parent of this student emailed MHS administration regarding these posters in relation to R277-328, the Utah State Board of Education’s most recent rule about CRT and identity activism. The parent asked administration whether these signs are still acceptable since the rule had been passed in 2021. In response, he was told Murray teachers would receive training on R277-328, but he was never informed on the specifics of what signs/posters are allowed or not. A few weeks later the BLM sign was replaced with different signs, and the two other original posters remained. The parent followed up twice asking if the signs were permitted and never received a response.

Pictures of before and after.

These posters are not relevant to academic subjects and should not be in our children’s classrooms. As a school board member, I will do all I can to ensure Murray schools have concrete policies eliminating political and identity activist posters from our children’s classrooms and schools.

April Wilde Despain

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