Let’s get back to academics! Check the link to see how your school is doing.

I appreciate honest and fact-based posts like this one, shared by a concerned MCSD parent:

“I'm a member of the Riverview Jr. High Community Council. In our last meeting, we were provided a link that contains competency metrics indicating overall school performance. If you go to this link, you can type in your child's school and see how it measures up against other schools in the District and State. I really respect and appreciate Riverview's principal, Mr. Kauffman, he's a great guy - and generally the school's numbers compare well and seem to be improving, in part thanks to his leadership.

“Some overall statistics are head-scratchers. For instance, the numbers show that only 8.3% of Riverview's English learners are on grade-level for reading (which beats the state average of only 5%). Statewide, less than 50% of students are on grade level in ELA, Math, and Science.

“Achievement gaps like this illustrate the need to simplify and focus on basic, core academic skills instead of SEL, CRT, Implicit Bias training, and other political propaganda.”

Thank you, parents, for pointing out this issue. As a school board representative I will stand for academics over politics, so that our children will improve their academic abilities while in Murray schools.

April Wilde Despain

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