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Parents, do you know what your children can access on their school Chromebooks?

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

These emails are from a parent in Murray District who was concerned about his child accessing pornography on Chromebooks, and about the lack of digital safety in Murray District.

These emails began in Sep 2020, and by Spring 2022 this parent still did not feel that the issue had been resolved. He asked that these emails be shared publicly because he wants others to be aware of the alarming content available on Chromebooks in schools.

I know Chromebooks and the time spent on screens are big issues for a lot of parents in our district. Is it healthy for our students to be on screens so much? Does Murray District’s Safe Technology and Digital Citizenship document accurately describe the filters in place for our students?

I think these are concerns that should be taken seriously - and as a Murray school board member you can trust that I WILL take these concerns seriously! Thank you to this parent for bringing these issues to light for our district!

April Wilde Despain

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