Pedophilia in our children’s school libraries.

Updated: Nov 7

I recently posted about the pedophile organization NAMBLA being advertised at Murray High School, and I expressed why that alarms me. For most of you, it’s probably quite self-evident why a parent would be alarmed about a pedophile organization being advertised in our local school district.

But a few individuals accused me of “overreaction,” “pushing an agenda,” and “white supremacacy” [sic].

One of these individuals asked me to share proof of sex acts between minors and adults in the books in our children’s school libraries. To fulfill this request, I contacted a parent in our district who has spent many hours researching the books in Murray District. He provided me with a small sampling of graphic descriptions of pedophilia, found in our Murray School libraries and available to our children at this very moment:

Beyond Magenta, by Susan Kuklin. -Describes a 6-year-old child who is “sexually mature” and enjoys performing oral sex on others. Talks about pedophiles masturbating and attempting to lure the child to them.

The Bluest Eye, by Toni Morrison. -Describes an 11-year-old child being raped by her father. The description is not told from the child’s perspective and how hurt and violated she felt, but instead it is told from the rapist’s perspective, graphically describing his excitement and erection at the thought of committing a forbidden act.

-Also describes a character who is uncomfortable with his homosexual attractions so instead spends his time molesting little girls.

The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls. -Describes a grandmother grabbing her grandson’s private parts while the small child cries and tries to get her to stop.

Sold, by Patricia McCormick. -A fictionalized account of child sex slaves in India. Describes young girls being raped by adult men.

See excerpts pictured.

These are just four short examples out of many. Do these examples count as pedophilia? Is this proof enough?

So, for those who may think I’m simply overreacting, pushing an agenda, or a “white supremacacist,” please look up these books and see for yourselves the graphic descriptions of pedophilia and sexual abuse being offered to our children today in our local school libraries.

If you think pedophilia and the sexualization of minors is justified (amazingly there are some who defend this), by all means don’t vote for me. But if, like me, you find these books to be disturbing, and you want our children to be protected from graphic and disgusting ideas of pedophilia and sexual abuse, then I’m your candidate!

April Wilde Despain

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