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Please accept my sincere apology for the mix-up on the abbreviation.

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

To Murray City School District and concerned parents: I would like to apologize for recently posting a screenshot with some inaccurate terminology. I did not fully investigate before posting what I received. It is my responsibility to vet the information I share, and I take full responsibility for this error. This has been a good learning experience for me, and I will be sure to better clarify details in the future, should any similar documents come my way.

Full Disclosure: A concerned Murray parent came to me on Friday 5/6/2022, with this schedule. The parent said their family was having a discussion during dinner time, and their junior high child made a statement about implicit racial bias. The parents asked where he had learned this term, and the child said he was studying it in English class at school. The parents then asked to see his English class schedule and for the student to point out in which lessons he was being taught about Implicit Racial Bias. The child showed them this online schedule and explained that IRB stood for "Implicit Racial Bias." The parents then took a screenshot of the schedule and added what IRB stood for as clarification, since that is what the child believed it stood for. I received the screenshot with "IRB = Implicit Racial Bias" at the top, and did not realize this clarification had been added by the parents, not the teacher.

I have since been informed by Robin Williams (MCSD Director of Secondary Education) that IRB actually stands for "Independent Reading Book."

When I followed up with the parents in light of this new information from Ms. Williams, I was told they again asked their child what IRB meant, and he said, "I guess it's possible that it means 'Independent Reading Book,' but I told you it meant 'Implicit Racial Bias' because we were studying implicit racial bias a lot, and so I thought that is what it meant."

As you can see on the schedule, a few of the other topics being discussed in this junior high English class are: "You determine your identity," "Ghost Boys" (a book about ghosts of black boys who were shot by cops), "History of Policing - Race Deeply Intertwined," and "A time you were treated unfairly."

While all of these topics clearly relate to Implicit Racial Bias, and the real issue behind the parents' concerns remains completely unchanged, IRB does not stand for Implicit Racial Bias.

So. To be absolutely clear. Implicit Racial Bias was being taught in this junior high English class. The parents' concerns are absolutely legitimate and those concerns remain unaddressed. But IRB on this schedule does not stand for Implicit Racial Bias.

Please accept my sincere apology for the mix-up on the abbreviation. IRB = Independent Reading Book. NOT Implicit Racial Bias.

April Wilde Despain

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