Thank you to Gays Against Groomers! Standing up for our children and for common sense!

Updated: Jul 3

From the Gays Against Groomers facebook page. Please check out the website found at the bottom of the posters in the picture.

Look at these amazing warriors! We spy our own incredible @sleepyharlow_ on the left

Did you know that one of the puberty blockers that has been approved by the FDA to give to minors, used to be used to chemically castrate sex offenders? It’s called Lupron if you’d like to look more into it. It also leads to a multitude of other health issues down the road.

These drugs are DANGEROUS and have never been used before on children. It should be of no surprise that the FDA would approve this poison to be used on them though, given their stellar record.

And even if it WAS safe and completely harmless, children, who change their minds every day and have the most vivid imaginations on the planet, should not be medicalized for a fleeting trend they want to partake in!


Link in bio for everywhere else you can find us!


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