What does a pedophile organization have to do with Murray High School?

NAMBLA stands for North American Man Boy Love Association. It’s a group that advocates for the legalization of pedophilia. NAMBLA was formed in 1978 and its original political causes were the total abolition of any legal age of sexual consent, and the release of child molesters from prison. As an advocacy group, NAMBLA sought to turn sex between men and boys of literally all ages into a civil rights issue. NAMBLA members seek to join the civil rights movement of LGBTQ+ by including sexual attraction to minors (“MAP - Minor Attracted Person”) as another “identity” among the LGBTQ+. NAMBLA promotes the idea that minors should be able to decide when and with whom they have sex. See NAMBLA .org to learn more about this pedophile group.

So, what does this have to do with Murray High School?

Recently, a concerned parent informed me that in January 2021, Murray High School hosted a Drama Club Revue program which was shown to the families and friends of its drama students. This program included a slideshow of political advocacy for LGBTQ+ identities. Included among these slides was an image advocating for NAMBLA.

Murray High School’s drama teacher, Mr. Will Saxton, approved this slideshow put together by students from his class.

Upon receiving this information, I was, understandably, shocked. I submitted a GRAMA request to find out more details. Murray District charged me $116.25 to access a handful of emails and a modified version of the slideshow (NAMBLA image had been removed). I have attached the relevant emails and slideshow retrieved through the GRAMA.

Murray District claimed not to have access to the original slideshow with the NAMBLA image shown to families and attendees of the performance. The NAMBLA images I’ve supplied are simply examples I found online of what might have been displayed, but I do not know the exact image that was used. Murray District also claimed that Mr. Will Saxton and the students did not realize they were advocating for a pedophile organization when they advertised NAMBLA among the LGBTQ+ identities in their advocacy slideshow.

As you can see in the emails, MHS principal, Mr. Scott Wihongi, stated that the program was for parents only, but in reality this program was streamed live on zoom, with children watching it alongside their parents and siblings as these images were played.

As a school board candidate, this issue illustrates one part of my deep concern about the push to focus on identity in school. Who decides which identity political agendas are inclusive and which are not? Was NAMBLA unacceptable for 2021 but up for debate in a few more years?

I have seen political flyers and signs implying that concerned parents are “extremists.” So let me ask you this. Is it “extreme” to be concerned about advocacy for pedophilia in my children’s school district? Well, I personally think it’s completely reasonable to be concerned about this. What, in my opinion, is actually “extreme” is the fact that pedophile advocacy, whether intentional or not, was advertised and celebrated at Murray High School.

This is the slippery slope of identity politics. And why is Murray City School District even on this slope? Public schools are not the place for any kind of identity advocacy. Schools are for ACADEMICS.

As a school board member I will stand against identity politics in our schools. Period.

April Wilde Despain

(See attached slideshow and emails.)

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