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Who am I? Why am I running for Murray school board?

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

PSA: I have no professional pictures nor do I have pictures of just me alone, so please enjoy this random selection of pictures of me with my family!

Hi! I’m April Wilde Despain. I’m a mom to six sweet and hilarious kids, and together with my husband we are a busy family always on the lookout for our next adventure. I graduated from Murray High in 2002 and the University of Utah in 2009. I earned 2 bachelors degrees in Communication and Spanish, and I speak, read, and understand Spanish fluently. I love the Spanish language and constantly seek to improve my fluency!

I grew up in Murray and attended Murray’s public schools k-12 (Grant, Parkside, Hillcrest, MHS - the same schools my school board position represents). Throughout my years I have come to know and love the Murray community as well as many of Murray District’s teachers and administrators, some of whom are still in Murray schools today. I made some of my best friends and even met my husband through the relationships built in Murray’s schools.

Because of the wonderful experiences I had growing up in Murray, I wanted my children to grow up here and attend the schools here too. I was so excited to put my kids in the Spanish program at Horizon Elementary! We loved our time at Horizon until in 2021 we discovered programs in the school that were focused on identity politics rather than academics.

Since that time, I have pulled my children from Murray’s public school system. I am passionate about my children receiving a quality education focused on academics, and I believe all children deserve this!

To be perfectly honest, I do not want to run for school board. But I’m running anyway. Why? Because I believe Murray needs a representative who is willing to take a hard stand for truth. Because I believe Murray needs a representative who cares more about our children’s best interests than about following the popular social trends of the day. Because I know our children need grownups who are willing to be their first line of defense in a world that seeks to use them as pawns in political identity and social activism. I want to help all of our children receive a quality education from Murray’s public school system, and as a school board member I will do everything I can to make that happen. I love the Murray community, I know that our children are precious, and I want our schools to be places where our children will truly thrive.

I am honest and upfront about my position on the issues. I will not hide where I stand nor mince words. You can trust that when I speak - what I say is what I mean. I believe our communities on all levels deserve representatives who truly stand for the people who elect them and who don’t misrepresent themselves in order to gain votes. Feel free to question me and I’ll tell you my honest thoughts. I can handle disagreement, and if the majority of my precinct disagrees with my position then I honestly will respect that. I’m not afraid nor would I be disappointed to lose this election. I only want to represent the constituents of Precinct 3 if the majority truly feels that I’m a fair representative of their views. I will respect the honesty of the people and hope you will offer the same respect for my honesty as a candidate.

I hope the Murray community will stand with me on the importance of providing our children with a quality education focused on academic excellence and free from politics and pornography. If you agree, please vote April in November!

April Wilde Despain

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