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Why are these topics being discussed in MCSD junior high school?

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

UPDATE (5/9/2022): Murray City School District official, Robin Williams (Director of Secondary Education), has clarified that IRB stands for “Independent Reading Book.” In reference to this clarification, the student who gave his parent this schedule was asked again about what IRB meant this morning, and he said, “I guess it’s possible that it means ‘Independent Reading Book,’ but I told you it meant Implicit Racial Bias because we were studying implicit racial bias a lot, and so I thought that is what it meant.”

Can you please explain why “You determine your identity,” “Ghost Boys” (a book about cops shooting black boys), and “History of Policing, Race Deeply Intertwined” are also on this class schedule? It seems those topics correlate directly with Critical Race Theory, as does Implicit Racial Bias, which the student said was being taught.

What do these topics have to do with English and why are they being discussed in MCSD junior high schools?

ORIGINAL POST (5/7/2022): This is a class schedule for a junior high English class in Murray City School District. I’m not sure what Implicit Racial Bias has to do with English.

April Wilde Despain

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