You can count on me to take a firm stand!

You can count on me to take a firm stand on difficult but important issues. As your Murray School Board representative, you can count on me to transparently and civilly respond to all your questions and emails, even if my honest response may not be in line with your views.

Of course, as a politician it would be much easier to avoid difficult conversations. I would be much more comfortable making fluffy, vague statements that all can agree with but say nothing of my position on controversial issues. Many politicians do this.

But that’s not my way. I speak and write honestly, and I maintain honesty regardless of who likes or dislikes me for it. I believe it demonstrates integrity to be truthful with my constituents even at the risk of offending some or losing some votes.

So, even though it’s hard sometimes, I still take a firm stand on controversial issues when it comes to our children. Because, above all else, I believe honestly standing for the good of our children is worth the sacrifice of my own comfort.

If you want an honest, transparent representative who puts our children first, vote April Wilde Despain for Murray School Board!

(Pic of my husband, our son, and me, out campaigning yesterday! 5+ hours! I’m sore today!! I’m so grateful to my sweet family and friends who have helped me so much!!)

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